Create a Landscape That Complements the Beauty of Your Home

Create a Landscape That Complements the Beauty of Your Home

Landscaping services and excavating contractor in Longville, MN

Proper landscaping is about more than curb appeal. While the appearance of your property is important, effective landscaping also considers ways to make your property more healthy, sustainable and accessible. M&M Landscaping & Excavating LLC of Longville, Minnesota offers homeowners comprehensive landscaping and excavating services to improve the look and function of their property. To find out how we can revitalize your landscape, call and request your free estimate on services including:

• Landscape design
• Patio and walkway installation
• Retaining wall installation
• Erosion control
• Garden/flower bed/tree planting
• Excavating and leveling
• Shoreline beautification
• Material sales

Does your home feature a shoreline?

Protect it with M&M Landscaping & Excavating in Longville, MN

If your landscape features a shoreline, it will need more attention than the average landscaper can provide. Trust M&M Landscaping & Excavating to provide the services you need to shape your shoreline and protect it from water, wind and ice erosion. Rip rap services are among the most effective ways to develop and protect your shoreline. For more information on this service and other shoreline beautification services offered in the Longville, MN, area, call M&M Landscaping & Excavating today.

Call today to request your free estimate

Landscaping and shore beautification in Longville, MN

We invite you to explore our website for more information about our landscaping, excavating and shore beautification services offered in Longville, Minnesota, then call to request your free estimate. We are fully equipped, licensed and bonded to perform all services mentioned on our site and employ a high-attention to detail on all jobs big and small. To create a landscape that complements the beauty of your home, rely on the professionals at M&M Landscaping & Excavating.

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